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Lord of the Rings Fan Theories

On our first episode of FTW our co-hosts, Erik and James, explore some of the more prominent theories on Lord of the Rings. We discuss topics such as the famous eagle controversy and the identity of Tom Bombadil. We even dive into the weirder theories that tie in the Harry Potter universe and even Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

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  1. the biggest thing is that the person who creates the egaleas was pure good of heart so it was that because they we’re basically pure good an as balimier states “the very air you breath is a poison ” they the evil aura that occupied the area of mt. doom would allow them to simply wouldn’t allow them to be in that space by that “law”


  2. Goldberry, the “Daughter of the River” was her name haha an no theories on fingolfin? an to Not become a wizard isn’t far fetched. when they we’re put I to new bodies on middle earth they “loose” all the memories from their former lives an they have to more or less kind of just come upon the memories an realization that they are in fact these beings of power so haha so bummed I didn’t get brought in on this one too. 😦 haha I loved this one tho!


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