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Bastion (Overwatch) is the robot Dalai Lama

For those who have had the pleasure of playing Overwatch, Blizzard’s online multiplayer FPS game, they  have also had the pleasure of playing as one of unique characters designed to annihilate the other team.  Enter Bastion, possibly the most polarizing character among Overwatch’s ever-growing roster.  Love him or hate him, no one can deny that Bastion’s history is among the most interesting yet simple back stories of the game.

In short, Bastion is a front-line combat Omnic left over from the Omnic Crisis.  In the fan treasured video short, The Last Bastionwe see Bastion being re-awakened by Ganymede, his future feathered friend.  Bastion struggles with his hostile war programming to choose peace instead of the life of violence he once knew.  By the end of the video, we see a literal machine gun decide to withdraw from violence and embrace nature and it’s peaceful occupants instead.

While there are a few theories about the purpose of Bastion’s existence and/or reactivation (as discussed in Episode 3 of our podcast), Fan Theory World’s very own James Ellerby has come up with his own.  What if Bastion, or at least the new and reborn version of himself, is really the Omnic equivalent of the Dalai Lama.

On the surface, we already see the basis of this theory; a second life (reincarnation) embracing peace where violence once inhabited.  Let’s go deeper into the rabbit hole.  The video short, Alivewe see the Omnic spiritual leader, Tekhartha Mondatta,  assassinated by Widowmaker, despite the best efforts of Tracer.  This video may have further significance than we may first realize.  It seems awfully coincidental that Mondatta’s death and Bastion’s reactivation occur around the same time (There is no definitive timeline for the animated shorts, so this is purely speculation).   Perhaps Zenyatta’s mission since the death of his close friend, is to locate Mondatta’s reincarnation and help to realize his place as the next spiritual leader among the Shambali.


The idea of a living weapon being spiritually reborn into a leader of peace and unity is poetic in both it’s creativity and simplicity.  Could the very name “Bastion” have a hidden meaning?  “Sebastian” is derived from a Greek word for “venerable”, meaning honored and admirable. Maybe that last part is a bit of a stretch, but only time will tell.  Until then, keep on theorizing!

Author: Erik Montgomery

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