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The New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Has a Mole!

The cult classic, MST3K, has returned in all of it’s glory to Netflix.  Jonah Ray takes the mantle as another unfortunate mug in a jumpsuit being kept in sanity limbo on the Satellite of Love.  Our yellow clad host is joined by his robot pals, Cambot, Tom Servo, Crow and Gypsy who help keep him from losing his mind as they watch the cheesiest movies that a couple of troublesome mad scientists can find.  Kinga Forrester and TV’s son of TV’s Frank (A.K.A Max)are the new Mads experimenting on their helpless test subject.

Season 11 amazingly keeps the same tone and feel of the other seasons but also brings a few changes, for example, Gypsy, our long necked purple robot head now hangs down from the flyspace, has a charming new voice, and oh yea, let’s not forget…. SHE’S A MOLE!!

Gypsy; traitor and mole

What we thought was a trustworthy robot companion for all these years is undoubtedly a spy and a cohort to the Mads!  Don’t let her charming Midwest accent distract you from the truth! Don’t believe me? Do you refuse to accept such a sudden and personal betrayal? I know what the opening song says, but I will not “just relax.”  This is a fan theory site, we over-analyse everything! Let’s break it down.

Like every traitorous double agent, Gypsy must have a specific mission to accomplish. In the new season of MST3K, Kinga introduces us to “liquid television,” which is presumably a wordplay for the liquid that would flow in the Netflix stream. We see that right before any of the movies are played, a giant vat of the streaming liquid is drained only to reappear in a smaller container, which is then stored in a large receptacle containing a slot for each of the 14 movies of the season.

Liquid Technology Receptacle

Why are the Mads collecting the different colored fluids, and how does it relate to their cruel experiment on Jonah? It’s possible that the smaller sample of the movie liquid contains the data from the mind monitoring performed on our innocent test subject.  Jonah does say the liquid technology is worthless for recording, hence the reason he has to act out the opening every time. So, perhaps the liquid changes in some way once it is in the presence of an emotional reaction.  Enter our one eyed purple mascot of deceit.

Delivering the Payload

Gypsy is given a new task in season 11; to drop off and then retrieve the “payload” in the theater.  This isn’t just an excuse for Gypsy to riff at the beginning and end of the movie, but could also be part of a sinister plot.  So far, we do not know for sure what the payload is or what purpose it serves and so far it has left fans guessing as to it’s true purpose.  Some viewers say that she is dropping off snacks for her friends, and yet others say it contains the various props that may be used by the crew during the movie. The question is, why does it remain on the other side of the theater and out of reach of the rest of the team members? It would seem that it isn’t there to benefit the movie goers in any way. I believe that the “payload” really contains the tube of liquid movie technology from Kinga which downloads the data of the test subject’s reactions to the bad movies. This means that Gypsy is essentially the lab technician collecting statistics for Kinga’s evil experiments.

The evidence doesn’t end there.  We know that Gypsy’s main job on the SOL is to tend to the ship’s functions, which is more responsibility and power than any other character on the show.  So with that in mind, why wouldn’t Gypsy attempt to aid in Jonah’s escape from the Mads?  She literally controls every aspect of the prison containing our hero (or possibly anti-hero).  She may have a flashlight eye but we are the ones shining a light on the true nature of this terrible treasonist.

The last piece of the puzzle comes from Kinga Forrester. In attempt to make ratings go through the roof to eventually be able to sell MST3K to Disney for billions, wouldn’t it make sense to create a scenario in which a trusted team member is revealed to have betrayed the group halfway through season 2? Of course, if this were the case, Gypsy would probably be forgiven very quickly and accepted back into the folds of the good guys in true MS3K fashion.  Will Gypsy be revealed to be a super spy-bot or does her payload moving job have another unrevealed purpose? Perhaps only time will tell, and until then keep theorizing!

Author: Erik Montgomery

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