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(Alternate Theory) the Flashpoint movie has already happened!

Theory Update: Due to the ever changing DC movie canon and move line up, this theory has been proven wrong! The Flash movie may no longer be called “Flashpoint” and Superman never turned full evil. Although in my opinion, the Justice League movie would have been better off if a Darkseid controlled Superman was the villain and the rest of the league proved that they can not only function without Superman, but actually defeat him if need be.

We just published our latest theory on the future of DCEU. You can find it here, but it hypothesizes that the current DCEU is the dark apocolyptic world of Flashpoint that will end in a war between Earth and Darkseid before being rebooted in the upcoming  Flashpoint movie.

We have an alternative theory as well. Yes, a different theory on the exact same topic, we’re allowed; there’s no rules on fan theories.

What if the time travel Flash scene from BvS is really a scene from the Flashpoint movie? Our theory is that Darkseid takes control of Superman’s mind after resurrecting him. He then uses Superman as a weapon against an unprepared Earth, which is shown as the world in Bruce’s nightmare from BvS.

But because Flash went back to warn Bruce and tells him to “Find us,” Bruce unites the justice league (our current DCEU) to take down Darkseid and evil Superman, saving the Earth.

This would mean the Flashpoint movie will be about original Flash surviving an Apocalypse conquered world and running back in time to fix things, changing the DCEU.

Additionally, the Flash delivers the line of “Lois is the key.” Many people speculate that Lois’ death could turn Superman instead of mind control, but the argument can be made of the opposite. We may find out in Flashpoint that Lois is the key to  stopping Superman and breaking Darkseids hold on him. Either way, Superman will be turning to the Darkseid and the Justice League will be the only ones to be able to counter the might of both Darkseid and Superman.

If this proves true, we will see Bruce’s concern of any being having too much power come to fruition. Will we see am evil Superman take over the Earth only to have the Flash run back in time to give Bruce Wayne his message to unite the seven? Only time will tell, and until then, keep theorizing!

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