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Thor Fan Theories

On this episode of FTW, Erik and James summon the power of Thor fan theories.  Join them as they decide which theories are worthy.  The theories this week involve infinity stone speculation, how Thor’s hammer works, and even the introduction of Throg the frog god of thunder! Bring the hammer down with god’s of theories, its going to be so fun you’ll demand another.

If you have theories of your own or have a suggestion for a future episode, you can reach us at:

Twitter: @fantheoryworld



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3 thoughts on “Thor Fan Theories Leave a comment

  1. I noticed that this is a lot about the MCU Thor. Do you guys have any theories about the main comic book Thor (i.e. 616 Thor)?


    • That’s a little tougher, not a lot of people post their theories about comic book Thor, although we would love to revisit this and cover some things on Jane Foster, War Thor, and the future of Odinson. If you have any in particular that you had in mind send them in!


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