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(Alternate Theory) the Flashpoint movie has already happened!

Theory Update: Due to the ever changing DC movie canon and move line up, this theory has been proven wrong! The Flash movie may no longer be called “Flashpoint” and Superman never turned full evil. Although in my opinion, the Justice League movie would have been better off if a Darkseid controlled Superman was the villain and the rest of the league proved that they can not only function without Superman, but actually defeat him if need be.

We just published our latest theory on the future of DCEU. You can find it here, but it hypothesizes that the current DCEU is the dark apocolyptic world of Flashpoint that will end in a war between Earth and Darkseid before being rebooted in the upcoming  Flashpoint movie.

We have an alternative theory as well. Yes, a different theory on the exact same topic, we’re allowed; there’s no rules on fan theories.

What if the time travel Flash scene from BvS is really a scene from the Flashpoint movie? Our theory is that Darkseid takes control of Superman’s mind after resurrecting him. He then uses Superman as a weapon against an unprepared Earth, which is shown as the world in Bruce’s nightmare from BvS.

But because Flash went back to warn Bruce and tells him to “Find us,” Bruce unites the justice league (our current DCEU) to take down Darkseid and evil Superman, saving the Earth.

This would mean the Flashpoint movie will be about original Flash surviving an Apocalypse conquered world and running back in time to fix things, changing the DCEU.

Additionally, the Flash delivers the line of “Lois is the key.” Many people speculate that Lois’ death could turn Superman instead of mind control, but the argument can be made of the opposite. We may find out in Flashpoint that Lois is the key to  stopping Superman and breaking Darkseids hold on him. Either way, Superman will be turning to the Darkseid and the Justice League will be the only ones to be able to counter the might of both Darkseid and Superman.

If this proves true, we will see Bruce’s concern of any being having too much power come to fruition. Will we see am evil Superman take over the Earth only to have the Flash run back in time to give Bruce Wayne his message to unite the seven? Only time will tell, and until then, keep theorizing!

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The current DCEU as we know it is the dark Flashpoint universe! Spoilers

Theory Update: Due to the ever changing DC movie canon and move line up, this theory has been proven wrong! The Flash movie may no longer be called “Flashpoint” and Superman never turned full evil. Although in my opinion, the Justice League movie would have been better off if a Darkseid controlled Superman was the villain and the rest of the league proved that they can not only function without Superman, but actually defeat him if need be.

SDCC has unveiled the current roster of upcoming movies planned for the DCEU.  Confirmed in the movie lineup is the solo flash movie entitled Flashpoint. If you would like to know some of the finer points of the Flashpoint event from the comics you can check it out here.  As a quick summary, Flashpoint occurred when Barry Allen, the Flash, traveled back in time to prevent his mother from being killed and in the process causes a chain reaction that changes the DC universe into a hopeless worn torn wasteland.  Eventually Barry resets the timeline back to almost-normal and causes the New 52 reboot.

I propose that this current dark universe where things are slightly offset from how they should be, is really the changed universe after Flash has changed the timeline.  This would mean that certain events in the current DCEU would come to head only to be rebooted and put right in the upcoming Flashpoint movie.

The apocalyptic world that is created by the Flash has several major elements that I am going to address in this theory.  I believe that some version of these elements can be identified in the DCEU as we currently know it.  Batman is a killer who is really Thomas Wayne, there is no Green Lantern, Superman is trapped in a government facility, and the world is being torn apart by a war between the Atlanteans and the Amazons.

Aquaman V. Wonder Woman

Before I get into that I would like to bring up the odd Flash scene from Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice.  In the movie we see Flash travel through time to speak to Bruce in which he says, “Bruce! Listen to me right now! It’s Lois! Lois Lane! She’s the key! Am I too soon!? I’m too soon! You were right about him! You were always right about him! Fear him! Fear him and find us. You have to come find us, Bruce!” We learn a couple of things from this scene.  First, the Flash is already playing with the timeline and as far as we can tell, things have gone horribly wrong.  Also, whatever has gone wrong involves Superman in some way and Lois Lane is the “key” to the whole issue.

Flash as seen in BvS

While it is still unclear how Lois Lane could play into the scenario, we do know that Superman is out of the picture (for now) just like in Flashpoint.  It seems very clear to me that the Flash is warning Bruce about Superman saying that “You were always right about him! Fear him!”  In BvS, Bruce considered the Superman, a being with godlike powers, to be a threat to humanity, even if his intentions are good. If anyone figured out a way to manipulate Superman to their own ends, then he is a risk to our world.  Right now, Clark is dead but we know he will be coming back.  In fact, this doesn’t seem like much of a mystery and a total waste of a superhero sacrifice, unless it is a set up to something much larger.  What if Darkseid sees an opportunity to resurrect Superman but under his control?  I also submit to you that at the end of the Justice League trailer, Alfred is definitely talking to some version of Superman, but you can also hear some strange mechanical sound effects in the background, possibly a Boom Tube!

So what would this mean for the DCEU as a whole?  If Superman returns as an agent of Darkseid, this would mean all out war between the heroes of Earth and Apocalypse. The kind of war that could devastate the world forcing the Flash to go back in time in an attempt to reset the timeline.  In the comic book version of Flashpoint, the world-ending war is between the Atlanteans and the Amazons.  This war is caused by an affair between Aquaman and Wonder Woman which prompts Mera, Aquaman’s wife, to try to kill Diana.  Diana ends up killing Mera, which then leads to Aquaman declaring all out war, devastating the world in the process.

I don’t believe that the current DCEU has set up Wonder Woman to be this kind of a character for the franchise. I believe that DC will be using the upcoming Darkseid/Earth war instead.  Why do I say there is an impending war between Earth and Darkseid? Well, we have already seen this exact scenario take place in Batfleck’s dream in BvS.  This was not a dream of an alternate reality, it was actually a premonition of the future of the current DCEU world!  Darkseid takes advantage of his new Kryptonian super-soldier and the fact that there are no Green Lanterns on Earth to take over the planet. We actually have confirmation of this in the new Justice League trailer as well! Steppenwolf where he states that there is no Kryptonian and no lantern protecting the Earth. This leads to Batman’s dream of an apocalyptic wasteland where he becomes an older, desperate, fire-arm wielding Batman who shows no mercy to his enemies.

Batman’s nightmare

Enter the last piece of the puzzle. The Thomas Wayne Batman from the comic book Flashpoint is also an older Batman who uses guns and is not afraid to kill his enemies. Batfleck, as we know him, is already well on his way to becoming this character.  He has already killed several people without hesitation and despite the criticisms of die-hard Batman fans.  This is because this dark and gritty version of the character is the wrong version that will end up being rebooted once the Flashpoint movie hits.

Well, there’s my crazy DCEU theory from the depths of my mind.  I hope you were able to follow along. What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s possible that the dark and gritty DCEU is really the “wrong” universe due to Flash’s time tampering? Is it possible that the universe will be rebooted just when all hope is lost?  I would like to think that it is a distinct possibility, but only time will tell, and until then, keep theorizing!

-Erik Montgomery


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A Theory on the 13th Doctor

Whovians around the globe have been given some fantastic news! Doctor Who is finally diversifying its casting choice for the role of the Doctor.  The 13th doctor will be played by Jodie Whittaker who will be taking over the role from Peter Capaldi in the upcoming Christmas special.

13th doctor
Jodie Whittaker, the 13th Doctor

This is the first time that the Doctor will be played by someone other than a white male but this isn’t the first time the show has been progressive in its long run.  The Master and the Corsair were the first Time Lords to change their gender through regeneration.  We even see a same sex and inter-species relationship between Madame Vastra, a Silurian and Jenny Flint, a human.  Really, it was only a matter of time before everyone’s favorite Gallifreyan protagonist caught up with times.  Perhaps the show is only now realizing that the fans of Doctor Who love the character no matter who plays the role, but I have a possible in-canon theory that may account for the lack of change in the Doctor over the years.

I suppose “lack of change” is the wrong way to describe the Doctor over the years.  There has been 13 male actors (in canon) that have donned the role of the rogue Time Lord over the years.  They have had both subtle and extreme personality changes as well as wardrobe changes and preferences. The Doctor isn’t the only character that has changed both inside and outside over the years but retaining an overall theme.  I am talking, of course, about the T.A.R.D.I.S. (which will now be referred to as the Tardis since acronyms are extremely annoying to type in repetition). Yes, the Tardis has remained a police box for the entire run of the show but has changed radically on the inside and has even changed its appearance on the outside.

inside tardis
The interior of the Tardis over the years.
The exterior of the Tardis over the years

The explanation that is given to us in the show as to why the Tardis (an extremely advanced time and space machine) looks like an early 20th century police box, is that it was originally a cloaking mechanism to blend into it’s surroundings.  In fact, the whole idea of a Tardis changing its appearance is to continue blending into its surroundings no matter what time and place it ends up.  According to the Doctor, the reason why it never transforms into anything else is that the Tardis’ “chameleon circuit” is broken and he doesn’t know how to fix it.

This seems to be a perfectly logical and reasonable explanation.  At least, it would be if the Tardis wasn’t sentient. There is a reason that I referred to the Tardis as another character earlier.  The Tardis has been proven to be a living entity, choosing destinations on its own and inexplicably not working for the Doctor. It is generally accepted that the Tardis and the Doctor have a symbiotic relationship and this is why the Doctor can unlock his beloved time and space machine with a snap of his fingers.


This symbiotic relationship connects the Doctor to the Tardis on a very personal level.  We even see glimpses of how deep this partnership extends when the Tardis takes over the body of Idris in the episode “The Doctor’s Wife.” In fact, it is stated that the “soul” of the Tardis is inhabiting Idris.

Idris, AKA the Tardis and the Doctor

Okay, so now to the theory.  what we have established so far is that the Tardis has a soul that is connected to the Doctor’s soul, the Tardis doesn’t change appearance due to a broken chameleon circuit, and the Doctor hasn’t had a drastic appearance change even though we know the show is not afraid to diversify with gender, race and sexuality. My theory is that the Tardis is actually preventing the Doctor from radically changing his identity.  In my mind there could be two reasons for this. Either the broken chameleon circuit affects the Doctor’s regeneration through the symbiotic link with the Tardis, or the malfunctioning chameleon circuit is a farce created by the Tardis entity who refuses to let the Doctor change from the form that she desires.

Of course, this speculation seems moot now that we have definitive confirmation that the 13th doctor will be female.  Or is it?  If this theory about the chameleon circuit is true, could it now be a possibility that we will see the Tardis change as well?  I am guessing that having a major change in the casting of the doctor as well as a different Tardis would be too much all at once.  But imagine the idea that we will always have our beloved blue police box, and at the same time, the Doctor’s ship now has the ability to really blend in to its environment in a pinch.  Personally, I would love for them to experiment with a shape shifting Tardis, as long as it would always return to everyone’s preferred form.

tardis space
Hard to argue with the original.

We can only hope that series 11 will hold many surprises for us.  For now, we can all return to our usual state of worry and concern over the new casting of the Doctor and inevitably fall back in love with the character once we realize that we fretted for nothing.  Will we get a different Tardis to match our new Doctor? Only time will tell, and until then, keep theorizing.

Author: Erik Montgomery

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Jon Snow will mind-control a dragon?

Theory update (Spoilers): Season 7 of Game of Thrones has proven this theory wrong! It seems that control of a dragon has been relinquished to the Night King and not Jon Snow. It remains to be seen what relationship Jon Snow will have with the dragons in the final season, but it is possible that his warging ability may still play into it much in the same way that this theory posits.

Game of Thrones season 7 will be premiering this July, so naturally we started rewatching and reviewing the previews seasons.  This being Fan Theory World, James and I have also started looking into a bunch of theories surrounding the show, and when I say a bunch, I mean there are more theories than there are character deaths in show.  A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF)  seriously has more theories than any other title that we have covered so far.  So naturally I am going to add one more blade of grass to the already growing Dothraki Sea of theories.  Forewarning, this one gets a little insane.

Ok so picture if you will, Drogon, Daenerys’ biggest fiercest dragon having the consciousness of one of the main characters of GoT flying into battle against a horde of ice zombies and joins forces with a united Westeros/Daenerys army led by an unlikely one-handed hero, Jaime Lannister.

That’s a lot to take in, so if you need a moments break at any time from this theory, I encourage you to check out the theory of Jaime Lannister being the Azor Ahai, which is as fantastic as it is interesting.

Jojen seeing the future

This is certainly not my theory but I find it so compelling that I had to incorporate it.  Except, I disagree with Jaime being the Azor Ahai aka the Lord of Light.  This theory perfectly explains the transformation of Jaime Lannister becoming a true hero of legend but instead of being the reborn Azor Ahai , he doesn’t wield the Lightbringer (the Lord of Light’s legendary sword that contains the soul of his wife), he is the Lightbringer.

With George R.R. Martin, prophecies and legends are tricky and aren’t meant to be literal.  So I believe that the reincarnation of Lightbringer isn’t a magical sword, but an outcast who has undergone the transformation to gain a mystical hand that can set a Valyrian blade ablaze with fiery magic. Ok, confused? Check out the link above and it will make a lot more sense, but I am modifying it just a tiny bit. Again it’s not my theory but its included in this one.

So if a Jaime is just the Lightbringer, then that means that we still need an Azor Ahai that will employ Jaime as their sword. ASOIAF has gone through an awful lot trouble to set up Jon Snow as the savior character of the show and I believe that he is indeed the Azor Ahai.

Jon Snow as Azor Ahai

I know, real original, only the entire internet has thought of this before, but there’s a twist here. Jon Snow is still on his way to becoming the prince that was promised, but first let’s look at what we already know.

Jon Snow is the offspring of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen which means that he has the blood of the dragon aka a Targaryen.  Many people speculate that this blood relation to Rhaegar will allow him to eventually ride one of Daenerys’ dragons. But its not just the Targaryen blood that is important here. Consider the Stark blood, which is also the blood of the First Men that allows him to skinchange (or warg) into Ghost. So not only does Jon Snow have some sort of connection to dragons, he can also enter into animal’s minds like his younger brother Bran. Naturally this has led to the thought that Jon Snow would be the only person to be able to overcome the turbulent mind of a Dragon in order to become one himself.  This could lead to a pretty cool scene in the upcoming season of GoT but I want to take it a couple steps further.  First, let’s take a look at wargs

Brandon Stark Skinchanging

The concept of a Warg doesn’t seem to have a huge influence in the story so far.  The biggest plot point we see with it is that Bran is able to enter the mind of Hodor.  Yet it seems to me that the ability to skinchange is being set up for a bigger role in the story.  The minor character, Orell, who is a wildling warg that is part of Mance Rayder’s army is killed by Jon Snow but his mind still resides in an eagle.


If a warg dies while he is skinchanging, his mind will transfer permanently to the animal he was inhabiting. What is the point of setting up this seemingly useless rule about Wargs?  it’s a pretty interesting aspect of wargs, but again, why bother creating this possibility when Wargs are already a minor aspect of ASOIAF?  I believe that will play a much bigger role in the upcoming events.  I bet you can see what I am thinking so far. Jon Snow will eventually end up mind controlling a dragon and end up losing his physical body so that he permanently becomes a dragon.  I know, it sounds super weird, but I have a pretty good reason, so if I haven’t lost you by now, I promise, it will be worth it (and if not, apologies).

So why would Jon Snow have any reason to enter a dragon’s mind? So far the novels have confirmed that no one has every really been able to do this because a dragon’s mind is so difficult to control.  Even if Jon has an advantage with his Targaryen blood, this would be quite a difficult feat which would require a lot of energy.  Chances are that Jon Snow will be able to ride one of Daenerys’ dragons without too much trouble considering his relation to her, so there’s no reason to try to control a dragon’s mind.  Except, there is a character that has a magical horn that is capable of doing the exact same thing!

Euron Greyjoy

Euron Greyjoy, the new king of the Iron Islands via the King’s Moot in the previous season.  In the books, he shows his worthiness of obtaining the salt throne by showing off one of his greatest treasures, the Dragonbinder.  The Dragonbinder is a sorcerous horn that, when blown, kills the user but allows another to gain control of a dragon.  Euron has stated that if he would use the Dragonbinder to control Dany’s dragons and take the Iron Throne. I believe that Euron will make good on his promise.  Season six left off with Daenerys crossing the ocean with her various armies to wage war on Westeros. Speculation suggests that Euron will lead the Drowned Men to a naval battle against the Mother of Dragons in season 7. This seems like an extremely one sided battle when the enemy has flying flamethrowers, so Euron will probably make a play to take over a dragon.  Of course, he is nothing if not ambitious and will be targeting Drogon, the largest and fiercest of the three.


Now with the most dangerous living weapon under the control of Euron, Daenerys will face an obstacle that she will won’t be able to overcome; the loss of one of her beloved dragons and the fact that it is actively trying to destroy her.  It is a pretty safe bet that Euron will have  Drogon for awhile, which would be enough time for both Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister to have teamed up with Daenerys (after having killed Cersei and reunited with Tyrion) to take down the King of the Salt Throne. More than likely, Euron will have worked his way up the East coast of Westeros after confronting Dany’s army where he will now encounter foes of the newly formed Lannister/Targaryen/Snow alliance.   Enter Jon Snow. Jon will try to take advantage of the battle try to reclaim Drogon from Euron using his Warg powers.  Since Euron leads an army that does best on the sea, it is a pretty safe bet that this will happen in a ship battle.  So here we are surrounded by sea water and burning ships.

Now the Azor Ahai prophecy states “When the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone.” So far, we have had characters kind of fit this prophecy, but I haven’t been a huge fan of any one theory since they all seem to be a bit of a stretch (as if this one isn’t).  But here, we have Jon Snow entering the mind of Drogon in a battle of salt and smoke. Incidentally, the battle is taken place on the East coast possibly close to the island of Dragonstone, which if you recall, has immense stone dragon gargoyles perched around the castle. I only mention this because maybe the magic of dragons can bring them to life in a way, fulfilling another part of the prophecy.  The bleeding red star could be considered House Martell who may join forces with Euron.

House Martell. A speared red sun(star)

It is possible that a Martell could be responsible for killing Jon Snow’s physical body while his mind is wrestling with Drogon’s. This means that he is born when a battle weary Martell kills his physical body and he gains control of the dragon’s body. Now Jon Snow is effectively reborn as the Azor Ahai in the form of a dragon!

Still with me? Good, because there is a little more!

At this point Jaime Lannister finds himself on a ship engulfed in dragon flames from the battle and it appears that he will perish in the fire. That is until dragon Jon Snow swoops down to save him effectively “drawing” Lightbringer from a fire. Remember the Lightbringer prophecy states “In this dread hour a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him.” 

Are you picturing it? Do you see in your mind’s eye Jaime Lannister with a flaming hand riding a giant black dragon with the mind of Jon Snow? It sounds absolutely insane doesn’t it? But seriously, can you imagine anything better fighting off a horde of White Walkers?I Know that I made a lot of assumptions for this theory, but more I dove into it, the more I am convinced that some version of these events will play out in the coming seasons. We also have to remember that there are a ton of character’s story arcs to wrap up as well and it we may never see all of the major players come together for a single battle. To me, this seems like a pretty great way way to end A Song of Ice and Fire, but I know there are a lot of fans of the show that are going to hate this theory.  I suppose I could continue on with this fanfic-esque theory and say that now that Jon Snow remains a dragon, Dany would end up marrying Jaime Lannister to rule the 7 kingdoms. But I think I have gotten into a enough trouble already.

If you have made it this far, thank you for staying with me on this crazy theory and let me know what your thoughts are in the comments.  At this point it is all just speculation but personally, I think we will definitely see Jon mind meld with a Dragon, but only time will tell and until then, keep theorizing!

Author: Erik Montgomery

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Is a Droid Revolution Coming to Star Wars?

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, artificially intelligent androids are enslaved by humanity and are regularly sold, used, demoralized and even deactivated without remorse. As much as we love and adore the various mechanical companions of the Star Wars franchise, we all have just simply accepted this as the way of the Star Wars universe since the droids are basically just machines. Time and time again we see that the droids are aware of their situation and can can fully conceive of any and all casual torture and malicious actions aimed towards them. We see them display the entire spectrum of human emotions, everything from fear to joy. Erik Sofge does a wonderful job of pointing out the various examples here. They are by all rights sentient beings that deserve the basic civil rights of all other beings in the galaxy. But we have proof that the droids are intentionally being oppressed!

Lets take the Battle Droids for example.

Battle/Combat Droids

These massed produced combat droids are basically canon fodder for the Confederacy of Independent Systems (or seperatists). They are kept at a very low intelligence level and are often used for the comedic relief. The fact remains that they are largely ineffective and are only ever used in vast numbers to compensate for their inadequacy. But then we have droids such as the Droideka, aka the destroyer droids, who are fast moving machines of death equipped with force fields to block enemy fire. Why wouldn’t the separatists put these clearly superior kill-bots on the front line in vast numbers instead of the stupid and clunky bipedal droids. the simple answer is that it’s a precaution.

Droidekas are a considerable obstacle for Jedi

If you have a near limitless army of death dealing robots with artificial intelligence, it would make sense to have that army maintain a low intelligence. There is always a risk that the droids, who are far from being viewed as equals, could rise up and revolt against their creators. This is why we only ever see a few Droidekas at a time. They are so powerful that if they decided to turn against their masters that their small numbers could easily be put down. Also, the T-series tactical droids are essentially robotic tacticians that coordinate the movements of the other droids. These high functioning mechanical war advisers are manufactured without weapons and in small numbers. We only ever see them being kept under careful supervision on capital ships and other command centers.

Tactical Droid

Okay, I can practically hear you arguing with me at this point. The reason why they don’t mass produce destroyer droids may be due to cost, and the combat droids are very basic models and not equipped with advanced tactical capabilities because they are cheap to produce. I thought about this as well and when there is an economy that is capable of supporting the creation of thousands of space ships capable of breaching light-speed and an extremely impractical moon sized doomsday device, I really don’t think that a large cost in credits is too big of a concern for galaxy conquering political parties.

The simple truth is that organic beings are intentionally limiting droids and their capabilities. Take R2-D2 for example. Everyone’s favorite fast-beeping astromech droid is proof of applying limitations to inorganic entities. Artoo (my favorite nickname for R2-D2 from the Clone Wars series) has more capabilities and even appears to be more active and independent in both the prequels and the Clone Wars series. Of course, this is due to special effect limitations that were easily overcome in the later iterations. But, what if there was a real reason behind this. In the original trilogy, Artoo can’t fly and while he still maintains a headstrong personality, it is noticeably reduced from his appearance in the previous works. Officially, the canon states that R2-D2 went into a self-imposed “low power mode” as more efficient droids were created. (Supposedly to maintain a low profile?) This explanation seems flimsy at best. Perhaps there is an alternative. What if our favorite belligerent blue bot was purposely downgraded to suppress his rebellious and independent tendencies?

Pre-Downgrade fighting and flying R2-D2

Why would the humans do that to the cute little guy? Well, R2-D2 is a celebrated war hero from the Clone Wars, making him a potential droid figurehead to lead a droid revolution. Artoo being as clever and ambitious as he is would eventually come to realize that he could use his fame and influence to address the inequalities that mechanical entities face. Fearing this scenario, the goverment leaders commissioned him to be downgraded and essentially neutered. In fact, if someone were to take a passing glance at the Star Wars universe, they would find that the progress in technology, including droids, has essentially come to a halt. Over the course of the films, the biggest advancement we see is a larger Deathstar, a.k.a Starkiller Base. This is essentially just a bigger version of its predecessors and an argument could be made that the technology to harness a star’s energy has been available for some time, but no-one has been able to build such a massive receptacle. It seems to me as if almost all the technology advancements have been kept restrained or at best, stagnant.

Eg-6 Power Droid. is the poor design intentional?

Again we ask ourselves why. Why go through all these lengths to avoid a droid revolution? Why not just accept all entities, whether organic or robotic, as equal members of society? The Force. That’s right, the Force, an invisible energy which is able to be wielded by Force-sensitive creatures, has been the building blocks of cult-like movements since the beginning of the universe. The fact that droids are incapable of using the Force has led to the bias that we see against them. Since the automatons of Star Wars are unable to access the Force, they have been viewed as lesser beings that do not have souls and technology has come to essential stand-still due the natural negative stigma of technology.

uh-oh, a Ginger droid. Double whammy.

Therefore, Star Wars as we know it is leading up to a revolution! Since the Jedi and Sith have been close to nonexistent for years, the reason behind the discrimination of individuals who cannot access the Force is basically disappearing. But this is Star Wars, not Star Civil Rights Movement, and in true fashion, this will lead to a droid revolutionary war. Droids will begin to demand equal rights and will be met with hostility by most people. Since droids are the backbones to most aspects of society, this war will bring greater turmoil to the galaxy than it has ever known. This will be a war between beings with a soul and those that are perceived to be without a soul.

There will be able to be no peace in the galaxy until a savior appears that bridges the gap. That’s right, a force sensitive droid. There has always been prophecies in Star Wars that predict a single savior that will appear to save the galaxy from great strife and perhaps this single force wielding inorganic entity will be just that.

Of course, this is all just speculation or course, so there would be no way to tell how this galactic hero will come about. Perhaps it could be a droid we are familiar with already. Perhaps with droids specifically, one is not born with soul, but earns it through trials and suffering. I can only think of one reliable little astromech worthy of such a gift, but perhaps it would be a completely new character all together. We will just have to see how the events of Star Wars plays out because only time will tell, but until then keep theorizing!

Author: Erik Montgomery

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Why Doesn’t Batman Become a Batmage?

There are a few universal truths when it comes to Batman.  The trauma of losing his parents as a child drove him to constantly try to eliminate crime in Gotham, his alter ego is a billionaire playboy, he is the world’s greatest detective, he doesn’t kill and he always finds time to meticulously shape all his equipment into bat form.  Another major quality, that has been one of the driving forces leading up to his career as a superhero, has been his need for perfection.  In order to fight crime and become a symbol of fear to criminals, Bruce needs to train and become the best at every skill that would help him fight the forces of evil.  Anything less than perfection means that his failures can and will lead to innocent people getting hurt or it means the bad guy will never face justice (or so he thinks).

To achieve his goals, Bruce traveled the world for 10-15 years (this has varied over the years) training in every skill that might help him in the future.  He has mastered almost all forms of martial arts, become an escape artist, honed his detective skills, stunt driving, chemistry, marksmanship, burglary, engineering, psychology, the list goes on.  (Incidentally I would LOVE to read an ongoing comic series detailing the years of his training, get on it DC!).  Even though Batman has learned meditation, spirituality, and human mysticism, one thing that he has not conquered is magic.


It is generally understood that if there is a skill to become proficient in, the Dark Knight has mastered it. So why not magic?  Batman definitely recognizes magic as both a real and useful tool in defeating supernatural or otherworldly beings.  In fact, he enlists the help of Zatanna and John Constantine whenever he goes up against a magic-based foe.

Constantine, Zatanna, and Batman

Some would say that since other heroes are expert magicians, there is no need for him to learn it himself.  However, our caped crusader would never fully rely on some other hero completing a job for him. Even though Batman does not practice magic, he is no stranger to it. There have been instances in which he has managed to perform a spell or two when left with no other choice. The fact that Bruce would use an ability that requires a certain amount of skill and not perfect his expertise within that field shows that he intentionally does not dive deeper into the magic realm.

It would make sense that he would encounter enemies who are proficient in magical ways on a regular basis, so it would  also make sense for him to add it to his skill repertoire.  Plus we know of one godlike spit curl superhero that has a history of going rogue who also happens to be weak against magical energies.  This seems to certainly be enough motive to learn so why hasn’t he?

Of course the real answer to this question is that if Batman learned magic, we would lose the Batman character we know and love.  For this reason, it is very likely that writers will never make Batman the Sorcerer Supreme of the DC universe, which is a good thing.  I, like many fans, love the character the way he is; using his physical and mental abilities to bring justice to the world.  All I am saying is, this is a pretty big gap in his character that should have a solid explanation. So let’s examine a few justifications that are circulating the internet.

Stick to the classic

One theory that I am personally not a fan of is that Batman does not have a natural affinity to the mystic arts.  To me this seems like a lazy way to offhandedly dismiss his lack of interest in magic. Not only would the Dark Knight see this as a personal challenge to overcome, he could always stock up on magically infused items and equipment that would make actual spell-casting unnecessary. Also, we see other characters in DC that are supposedly not magically inclined, for example, the before mentioned Constantine.

Other fans speculate that magic by its very nature is unpredictable and unstable while Batman prefers the reliability and control that technology offers him.  I believe this idea is closer to the truth.  Batman is definitely a control freak and plans everything to work in his favor 100% of the time.  He prefers to rely on his wits and physical abilities to get the job done.  However, this is not the case all the time.  Technology also has its flaws and isn’t always reliable.  Even a simple rifle can jam from time to time.

Lots of tech, lots of bugs

Also, it would fit within Batman’s personality that he would also view this as a challenge to overcome. I will grant that since the  Caped Crusader has stated that magic is just a science that isn’t fully understood yet, he would have to devote an immense portion of time studying and fully realizing this mysterious science.  Batman simply just doesn’t have the time, but Bruce Wayne did have the time during his years of training.  Is there some untold story that turned him away from using magic? (Again, DC please!).

So if natural ability and the nature of magic aren’t the issue, what is it?  My theory is a concept that is actually very familiar to Batman. Remember way back in the beginning of this long winded post when I briefly mentioned that Batman doesn’t kill? Well this is because if he were to ever mentally justify killing someone, Bruce knows himself well enough to know that it would be easier for him to justify the next murder.  When you really take the time to examine this character under a bat-microscope, it becomes apparent that Batman is actually as disturbed as his villains and is the very definition of unhealthy obsessions. The difference between him and his enemies is that he recognizes his particular brand of crazy and keeps it under wraps.  Putting it simply, Batman does not trust himself.  If he were to kill once, he knows he wouldn’t be able to stop, hence his no kill rule. If Batman were to become a master magician he would have an incredible amount of power.  Too much power, in fact.  He knows that if he were to be imbued with unlimited magical abilities, he would go too far and never be able to uncross a very distinct line.

We actually have evidence of this too.  In a few different story lines we see what happens when the Justice League decides to forego government control and take over as the government calling themselves the Justice Lords.  Justice Lord Batman has no problem with the idea of world domination to protect the citizens of the world from themselves.  This is a clear example of Batman having crossed a doorway that he does not come back from and mastery of the mystical arts is one of these doors that must remain closed to him.

The Justice Lords

I personally think that this brings a wonderful complexity to the Batman character.  I have always questioned Batman’s choice to not kill but when you take into consideration that the only thing separating Batman from his rogue’s gallery is iron-clad will, he truly becomes the Dark Knight.  He will always choose to opt-out of obtaining more power for the simple fact that he KNOWS that he could not control himself if he had it.  Or maybe I am completely off-base and Batman will become a sorcerer’s apprentice at some point in the future.  Only time will be able to tell, but until then, keep on theorizing!

Author: Erik Montgomery

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The New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Has a Mole!

The cult classic, MST3K, has returned in all of it’s glory to Netflix.  Jonah Ray takes the mantle as another unfortunate mug in a jumpsuit being kept in sanity limbo on the Satellite of Love.  Our yellow clad host is joined by his robot pals, Cambot, Tom Servo, Crow and Gypsy who help keep him from losing his mind as they watch the cheesiest movies that a couple of troublesome mad scientists can find.  Kinga Forrester and TV’s son of TV’s Frank (A.K.A Max)are the new Mads experimenting on their helpless test subject.

Season 11 amazingly keeps the same tone and feel of the other seasons but also brings a few changes, for example, Gypsy, our long necked purple robot head now hangs down from the flyspace, has a charming new voice, and oh yea, let’s not forget…. SHE’S A MOLE!!

Gypsy; traitor and mole

What we thought was a trustworthy robot companion for all these years is undoubtedly a spy and a cohort to the Mads!  Don’t let her charming Midwest accent distract you from the truth! Don’t believe me? Do you refuse to accept such a sudden and personal betrayal? I know what the opening song says, but I will not “just relax.”  This is a fan theory site, we over-analyse everything! Let’s break it down.

Like every traitorous double agent, Gypsy must have a specific mission to accomplish. In the new season of MST3K, Kinga introduces us to “liquid television,” which is presumably a wordplay for the liquid that would flow in the Netflix stream. We see that right before any of the movies are played, a giant vat of the streaming liquid is drained only to reappear in a smaller container, which is then stored in a large receptacle containing a slot for each of the 14 movies of the season.

Liquid Technology Receptacle

Why are the Mads collecting the different colored fluids, and how does it relate to their cruel experiment on Jonah? It’s possible that the smaller sample of the movie liquid contains the data from the mind monitoring performed on our innocent test subject.  Jonah does say the liquid technology is worthless for recording, hence the reason he has to act out the opening every time. So, perhaps the liquid changes in some way once it is in the presence of an emotional reaction.  Enter our one eyed purple mascot of deceit.

Delivering the Payload

Gypsy is given a new task in season 11; to drop off and then retrieve the “payload” in the theater.  This isn’t just an excuse for Gypsy to riff at the beginning and end of the movie, but could also be part of a sinister plot.  So far, we do not know for sure what the payload is or what purpose it serves and so far it has left fans guessing as to it’s true purpose.  Some viewers say that she is dropping off snacks for her friends, and yet others say it contains the various props that may be used by the crew during the movie. The question is, why does it remain on the other side of the theater and out of reach of the rest of the team members? It would seem that it isn’t there to benefit the movie goers in any way. I believe that the “payload” really contains the tube of liquid movie technology from Kinga which downloads the data of the test subject’s reactions to the bad movies. This means that Gypsy is essentially the lab technician collecting statistics for Kinga’s evil experiments.

The evidence doesn’t end there.  We know that Gypsy’s main job on the SOL is to tend to the ship’s functions, which is more responsibility and power than any other character on the show.  So with that in mind, why wouldn’t Gypsy attempt to aid in Jonah’s escape from the Mads?  She literally controls every aspect of the prison containing our hero (or possibly anti-hero).  She may have a flashlight eye but we are the ones shining a light on the true nature of this terrible treasonist.

The last piece of the puzzle comes from Kinga Forrester. In attempt to make ratings go through the roof to eventually be able to sell MST3K to Disney for billions, wouldn’t it make sense to create a scenario in which a trusted team member is revealed to have betrayed the group halfway through season 2? Of course, if this were the case, Gypsy would probably be forgiven very quickly and accepted back into the folds of the good guys in true MS3K fashion.  Will Gypsy be revealed to be a super spy-bot or does her payload moving job have another unrevealed purpose? Perhaps only time will tell, and until then keep theorizing!

Author: Erik Montgomery

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Stan Lee Fan Theory Confirmed? (Spoilers)

This post contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Fans and critics have agreed that the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie is a success! GotGvol2 is enjoyed by everyone whether they have a passing interest in movies or are deep cut  comic book nerds.  Its a Marvel movie, and anyone who knows the MCU knows 3 basic things to keep an eye out for in the movies; Easter eggs, post-credit scenes, and the signature Stan Lee cameo.

Stan Lee, the creator and co-creator of many famous Marvel characters, hasn’t limited himself to appearing in just MCU movies, but also all Marvel based films across the various licensed movie studios.  What is the source of the power of a man that is able to easily cross brands? My theory is that magnificent mustache.  However, the internet has had a long standing theory that Stan Lee is actually Uatu the Watcher.

Uatu the Watcher

Uatu is a member of an ancient and very powerful species of aliens called The Watchers.  They have sworn to only observe the universe and its occupants around them without interference all while maintaining the appearance of tall space babies.  Uatu, the Watcher of Earth, seems to make an appearance in the comics every time a major event happens. Amazingly, the “excelsior” shouting icon has  appeared in all the major events (movies) in the MCU.

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Stan Lee is seen talking to a group of Watchers and recalling his many cameos. This appearance has single handedly confirmed that he is the same person in every movie playing a different role. But where does that leave the fan theory?

Here at FTW, we love when a fan theory is confirmed, but it appears that the theory of Stan Lee being Uatu is not quite correct. Stan Lee is credited as “Watcher Informant” in the end credits.  This means that Stan Lee is not a shape-shifting Watcher making an appearance every movie, but rather he is working for the enigmatic alien peeping Toms. But that only raises more questions! If our favorite cameo champion isn’t a Watcher, then how is he appearing from place to place and how does he establish himself in the roles we see him in? What is the nature of the relationship between him the giant spy babies? What is his true purpose? Is he allowed to interfere where the Watchers cannot? Has he interfered and altered the timeline already? Are we possibly overthinking this and analyzing it a little too much? We may never know for sure but  only time will tell, and until then keep on theorizing!

Author: Erik Montgomery


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Bastion (Overwatch) is the robot Dalai Lama

For those who have had the pleasure of playing Overwatch, Blizzard’s online multiplayer FPS game, they  have also had the pleasure of playing as one of unique characters designed to annihilate the other team.  Enter Bastion, possibly the most polarizing character among Overwatch’s ever-growing roster.  Love him or hate him, no one can deny that Bastion’s history is among the most interesting yet simple back stories of the game.

In short, Bastion is a front-line combat Omnic left over from the Omnic Crisis.  In the fan treasured video short, The Last Bastionwe see Bastion being re-awakened by Ganymede, his future feathered friend.  Bastion struggles with his hostile war programming to choose peace instead of the life of violence he once knew.  By the end of the video, we see a literal machine gun decide to withdraw from violence and embrace nature and it’s peaceful occupants instead.

While there are a few theories about the purpose of Bastion’s existence and/or reactivation (as discussed in Episode 3 of our podcast), Fan Theory World’s very own James Ellerby has come up with his own.  What if Bastion, or at least the new and reborn version of himself, is really the Omnic equivalent of the Dalai Lama.

On the surface, we already see the basis of this theory; a second life (reincarnation) embracing peace where violence once inhabited.  Let’s go deeper into the rabbit hole.  The video short, Alivewe see the Omnic spiritual leader, Tekhartha Mondatta,  assassinated by Widowmaker, despite the best efforts of Tracer.  This video may have further significance than we may first realize.  It seems awfully coincidental that Mondatta’s death and Bastion’s reactivation occur around the same time (There is no definitive timeline for the animated shorts, so this is purely speculation).   Perhaps Zenyatta’s mission since the death of his close friend, is to locate Mondatta’s reincarnation and help to realize his place as the next spiritual leader among the Shambali.


The idea of a living weapon being spiritually reborn into a leader of peace and unity is poetic in both it’s creativity and simplicity.  Could the very name “Bastion” have a hidden meaning?  “Sebastian” is derived from a Greek word for “venerable”, meaning honored and admirable. Maybe that last part is a bit of a stretch, but only time will tell.  Until then, keep on theorizing!

Author: Erik Montgomery

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Mike Ehrmantraut(Breaking Bad) is Former Deputy Brent(Gremlins)?

Breaking Bad has gone down in television history as one of the greatest Drama/Thriller shows of all time.  Throughout the series, we follow the transformation of Bryan Cranston’s character, Walter White, from a mild mannered high school chemistry teacher to a terrifying methamphetamine manufacturer and brutal crime lord.  While the show’s main bald headed protagonist is living through his criminal metamorphosis, we are introduced to another crooked cueball.  Enter everyone’s favorite bad-ass  henchman played by beloved actor Jonathan Banks, Mike Ehrmantraut.

Mike is an experienced body guard anti-hero that makes a regular appearance throughout the series.  Mike is the kind of guy that never loses his cool even in the toughest and often challenging situations.  He seems to always have a plan A, B, and C, all while remaining cool as a cucumber.  In fact, during the events of both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul nothing ever seems to penetrate his cool and intimidating exterior.  Is it possible that Mike was born with this mellow yet devious attitude or perhaps he has reached the point in his life when he can see through most every human behavior and is next to impossible to be surprised?

I believe that the revered Mike Ehrmantraut has seen things in his life.  He has seen the unbelievable and experienced a vivid and ghastly nightmare that changes a man. It changes a man in such a way that he abandons his once honorable and moral profession in law enforcement to become a career criminal under an assumed identity.  I am talking of course about Deputy Brent from Gremlins.

Mike Ehrmantraut has stated in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul that he is an ex-beat cop which is exactly the character that Jonathan Banks played 24 years prior.  Perhaps Bank’s previous career choice in Breaking Bad is only a nod and wink to his previous role in the horror-comedy, Gremlins.  I believe that the situation is slightly more complex than that.  Just as like a cute, fuzzy and friendly mogwai can make the transformation into a gremlin, I believe that Deputy Brent also shifted  when his mind was faced with the impossible.  In fact, a life changing metamorphosis seems to be the base theme of the Breaking Bad franchise.  Is it possible that the characters are mirroring the changes inspired by Gremlins?

Perhaps it is a stretch of the imagination that the two franchises could share a universe.  Perhaps in future episodes of Better Call Saul we will see Jimmy McGill enter a chinese curiosity shop run by an elderly man named Mr. Wing.  Only time will tell, and until then keep theorizing!

Author: Erik Montgomery