Episode 9: Mario

Join Erik and James as they go down the winding pipe network of fan theories surrounding the Mario Bros franchise.  They cover theories  ranging from all powerful Luigi and Soul collecting Mario to Wario being Mario's biggest fan! If you have a suggestion for a future episode or have Mario theories of your own, you... Continue Reading →

Episode 8: Game of Thrones

On this episode of FTW, James and Erik peek into the special corner of the internet reserved for Game of Thrones theories.  Prepare yourselves, because insanity is coming! Join our co-hosts as they discuss theories such as R+L=J, who is the Azor Ahai, and even dragon poop! As with all our episodes, this contains major... Continue Reading →

Episode 7: Pokemon

On this episode join Erik and James as they look into fan theories about the Pokemon franchise and attempt to explain them all. If you would like to tell us your theories or suggestions for future episodes, find us on twitter @fantheoryworld or email us at fantheoryworld@gmail.com Thanks for listening!

Jon Snow will mind-control a dragon?

Game of Thrones season 7 will be premiering this July, so naturally we started rewatching and reviewing the previews seasons.  This being Fan Theory World, James and I have also started looking into a bunch of theories surrounding the show, and when I say a bunch, I mean there are more theories than there are... Continue Reading →

Episode 6: Batman

On this episode of FTW, Erik and James take a look at one of the most famous fictional characters of our time, Batman.  Join them as they explore the extensive theories surrounding the Dark Knight.  Was Batman the one responsible for his parents deaths? Or maybe Bruce Wayne has been inside Arkham Asylum all along?... Continue Reading →

Is a Droid Revolution Coming to Star Wars?

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, artificially intelligent androids are enslaved by humanity and are regularly sold, used, demoralized and even deactivated without remorse. Yet, we all have just simply accepted this as the way of the Star Wars universe since the droids are just machines. Time and time again we... Continue Reading →

Episode 5: Rick and Morty

Its time to get schwifty as Erik and James portal-dive into the fan favorite phenomenon of Rick and Morty.  They go wayyy up inside the fan theories surrounding the show.  Join them as they discuss theories such as the meaning of life, why Rick is so depressed, and even the relationship between Rick and Ms.... Continue Reading →

Why doesn’t Batman become a Batmage?

There are a few universal truths when it comes to Batman.  The trauma of losing his parents as a child drove him to constantly try to eliminate crime in Gotham, his alter ego is a billionaire playboy, he is the world's greatest detective, he doesn't kill and he always finds time to meticulously shape all... Continue Reading →

Episode 4: Firefly

On this episode of FTW, our co-hosts Erik and James tempt the gods who control cancellation of shows by covering Firefly fan theories.  The theories range to why Firefly was cancelled to an overarching Whedon-verse.  Firefly holds a special place in the hearts of many nerds and fan theories are one way to keep the love... Continue Reading →

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