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Star Wars Fan Theories Part 2

On this episode of FTW, James and Erik discuss fan theories about  the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  Join them as they discuss theories such as the Grey Jedi Theory, who Rey’s parents are, and the secret identity of Snoke and more! Get ready for the newest addition to the Star Wars franchise with the help of FTW!

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Star Wars: A New Theory (The Last Jedi Predictions)

Theory Update: This theory has been proven wrong as per Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  It appears, that while I was right about the Rey/Kylo team up, almost everything else was wrong.  

The new Star Wars trailer for The Last Jedi has dropped along with millions of fan speculations and theories for the upcoming film.  Not wanting to be left out, I decided to craft my own theory.  Bear with me because this theory is really two separate theories mashed into one. I can hear you saying “I have a bad feeling about this” but don’t worry! Even if I am completely wrong, I will at least try to make this interesting. The basic concept of my theory is that both Kylo and Rey have a connection to another main character and will embrace each other as allies. Oh, and maybe Rey is a clone. Before we get into that, lets take a look at the new trailer.

The new trailer is doing a rather fantastic job of making people question the allegiance of the main characters and challenging our perception of good and evil in the Star Wars universe. In fact, up until this film, every force sensitive character in the movies can be clearly defined as either light side or dark side; Jedi or Sith.  The Star Wars shows (Clone Wars and Rebels), on the other hand, have experimented more with the concept of neutrality, or at the very least, the idea of force-using characters that are outside of the definition of Jedi or Sith.  The most famous in-canon neutral-force wielder is Ahsoka Tano.

Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice, was once falsely accused, hunted and convicted by the Jedi council. Once proven innocent, she realized that the Jedi code was fundamentally flawed by being too strict and unyielding in it’s policies. Once proven innocent, she was invited back into the ranks of the Jedi, when she promptly declined in favor of finding her own path.  We later see Ahsoka return in Star Wars Rebels where she operates outside of the Jedi code wielding white light sabers to signify her neutrality.

“Fulcrum” Ahsoka Tano

Her fate remains ambiguous after her confrontation with her former teacher turned evil, Darth Vader, but there is a theory floating around that Ahsoka didn’t die.  The theory is a bit a of a long one but in short, Ahsoka retains the spirit of The Daughter of the planet Mortis from her near death in the episode Altar of Mortis and instead of dying or becoming a force ghost, her spirit is transformed into an animal avatar, a white wolf.

The white wolf, Season 4 of Star Wars: Rebels

There are various pieces of compelling evidence for this theory that I would recommend checking out in the previous hyperlink. Out of an infinite amount of color/animal combinations we are presented with a white wolf avatar. This is where we will bring Ahsoka Tano into the mix for this theory about The Last Jedi.

During the new trailer we get a quick glimpse at a new, unnamed creature that fans are calling an Ice Fox.

It is essentially a white wolf covered in crystals that live on the planet Crait.  Is this just coincidence that we are suddenly seeing the appearance of a white wolf creature in the upcoming film after we see the possibility that Ahsoka’s spirit could have lived on through a white wolf avatar? Perhaps.  Do I think that this specific Ice Fox in the trailer is really an Ahsoka Tano cameo? No, and I think that it would be rather silly to think that.  However, I firmly believe that the Ice Fox wasn’t casually thrown into the trailer without meaning.  In fact, I believe that the crystalline fox-wolf is really serving as a symbol of neutrality or at the very least, a clue of a main character turning away from their current allegiance to pursue their own path.  I am talking of course, about Kylo Ren.

The First Order on Crait, inlcuding Phasma/Kylo’s ship

We see in the new trailer that the First Order is invading Crait, home of a rebel base where Leia Organa is seen to be residing.  I believe Kylo Ren will come to Crait and will come face to face with his mother, Leia.  At this point, I speculate that something will happen to Leia (after Kylo does not follow through with killing her with his TIE silencer and Kylo will begin his redemption away from the dark side.  At the risk of getting into another theory, I do believe that Kylo did not 100% kill his father, that in fact Han pushed the button to Kylo’s lightsaber after he asked him for his help to go fully to the dark side. This would mean that Kylo still has chance of redemption away from the Sith since he could not have killed his father on his own.  In short, I believe that Kylo will end up not being the one to have killed his parents and will end up betraying Snoke in the upcoming movie.  But where’s the proof?

Well, a little while ago there was footage released of Adam Driver training against two stuntmen using pole weapons for the upcoming sequel.

Adam Driver training against elite Praetorian guards?

These pole weapons look very similar to the weapons used by the elite Praetorian guard, Snoke’s personal body guards.  Either Kylo is doing some intense training with the elite personal  bodyguards of his mentor or we will see a scene in which Kylo and Snoke are at odds with each other in The Last Jedi.

Speaking of being at odds with a mentor, it also appears that Luke and Rey will not have a typical master/apprentice relationship.  in fact, we see in the trailer that Luke is absolutely terrified of Rey’s raw power and will more than likely refuse to train Rey.  It is interesting however that we see a Jedi master that is so easily succumbed to fear.

“Fear is the path to the dark side..” -Yoda

Afterall, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” It is possible that Luke does not trust himself to teach a new Jedi (hence his isolation) and turns Rey away for fear that she will end up like Kylo.

So now we have two neutral, very powerful force wielders that have been spurned by their previous masters.  Perhaps the last scene of the trailer is which it appears Rey asks for Kylo’s help to guide her in her path is not a misdirect as many fans have speculated. I believe that Kylo and Rey will join forces by the end of the Last Jedi and we will see a new faction of force-users that reject both Jedi and Sith code.

There is one more thing I would like to speculate on, however.  Going back to the symbolism of the Ice Fox and Leia on Crait.

Leia Organa on Crait

I believe that we won’t just see a pivotal scene for Kylo’s loyalties when he reunites with his mother, I believe that the symbolism also points to a connection between Leia and Rey. I think that Leia will reveal to Kylo, her connection to Rey, and this will be when he realizes that he has a chance of redemption through Rey.  What is the exact nature of the Leia/Rey relationship? We already know that Rey has a vague connection to the millennial falcon, so perhaps she is related to Han and Leia is some way.  This could be an exciting reveal, but I propose an even more mind-blowing realization.  Maybe, Rey is Leia’s clone that was hidden on Jakku after Snoke found out about her possible connection to the force.

Okay, maybe I have gone too far now, but I really do think that there is a legitimate connection between Kylo and Rey via Leia and this will bind them together in a new order of force wielders.  In fact, Star Wars: A New Order has a nice ring to it for episode IX.  But truly, only time will tell, and until then fellow theorists, I encourage you to embrace your crazy fan ideas, and keep theorizing.

Author: Erik Montgomery