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Han Solo Fan Theories

On this episode of FTW, James and Erik discuss fan theories surrounding everyone’s favorite smuggler from a galaxy far far away! Join them as they discuss theories such as Han’s real name, is Han a good guy?, did Ben really kill his father?, and even Han’s greatest con he ever pulled off…

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The Steven Spielbergverse

Recently, our Steven Spielberg Fan Theory episode covered the many theories that surround the Steven Spielberg films. Naturally, connections through the films have been spotted throughout the years and today I will attempt to not only connect all of the major Spielberg films into one shared universe, but prove that it is what our universe would be if aliens had visited Earth! This new universe and the movies contained within are all the result of extra-terrestrial interference. The films that we will be looking at include, the Indiana Jones films, Jaws, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Jurassic Park, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, War of the Worlds and more. I call this shared universe The Spielbergverse. I wanted to call it the Steven Universe, but it was taken. Anyway, let’s take a look at what I consider to be a shared universe consisting of Steven Spielberg movies.

First, it should be stated that Spielberg’s films that take place during historical events such as Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, and Lincoln, take place at a time when alien involvement did not occur and are therefore establishing that this universe is identical to ours until aliens visit Earth. Actually, I should say until aliens return to Earth, but more on that later. For now, let’s establish a few basic connections between movies.

Let’s start with one of Steven Spielberg’s first major movies, Jaws (1975). In Jaws, we have our main character Martin Brody, played by Roy Richard Scheider, attempts to rid Amity Island of a giant shark problem.

martin brody
Martin Brody

Martin Brody was born in New York City in 1932 and went on to become Chief of Police in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. His place of origin is very important here as it is our first connection with another Spielberg property. We know of a character in the Indiana Jones movies who worked as the Director of Special Acquisitions at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City in 1931. Yes, Martin Brody’s father is in fact, Marcus Brody.

Marcus Brody

After obtaining his new position at the museum in 1931, Marcus decided it would be the perfect time to settle down and have a family. By the next year, in 1932, he had a son, Martin, who would inherit his penchant for getting into trouble and would eventually go on to do battle with a giant shark in Jaws.

The next connection works better if we accept that Star Wars, also takes place in the same universe as the Spielbergverse. The Spielbergverse still works without the addition of Star Wars, but adding it is a wonderful bonus that shouldn’t be overlooked. We know that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are best friends, so it makes sense that they would collaborate ideas with each other and reference each other’s work in their projects. However, as soon as something is referenced or given a nod in an official film, it becomes canon to that universe. Indiana Jones once referenced Star Wars in Raiders of the Lost Ark, seen here in this image of C-3PO and R2-D2 making an appearance as hieroglyphics.

star wars indiana jones

This may seem difficult to put into canon until we consider the controversial movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Some people may consider this movie non-cannon but this movie introduced the idea of multiple dimensions and will always live on as some sort of alternate Indiana Jones dimension. In this movie, we discover that aliens are real and they are actually inter-dimensional traveling beings. When traveling through dimensions, it would be easy for them to wind up in a time long ago in a galaxy far far away. While these aliens are said to be from the “space between spaces,” we see that they have already influenced some of our history and they can travel to our universe, possibly at any point in time and space that they choose. These inter-dimensional aliens are actually the ones responsible for the C-3PO and R2-D2 hieroglyphics by passing down the knowledge of other distant civilizations to people via telepathy. This telepathic passing of knowledge is something that they seem inclined to do in this movie. This is one example of when aliens had visited humans in ancient times. It’s only recently that we see aliens returning to impact modern society, such as in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

E.T., who was given the name Zrek in the sequel that never was, Nocturnal Fears, is part of a race of aliens that have come to be known as Asogians in the Star Wars universe. They make a famous cameo as a species of alien taking part in a senate hearing in The Phantom Menace, as seen here:


The Asogians, like most races in Star Wars, have access to faster than light-speed travel. This allows for intergalactic travel and eventually takes them to Earth. During the events of E.T. we even see that they are capable of being force sensitive and even use the powers of the force for levitation, healing, and even establishing deep connections to other individuals. There is even a popular theory that E.T. was a Jedi. This may be too far of a stretch; just because someone is force sensitive, does not mean they are associated with Jedi or Sith.

At the beginning of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, we see that a group of Asogians are on Earth for some uknown mission, only to be forced to leave Zrek stranded on the alien planet.

E.T. being stranded on Earth.

So let’s talk about the Asogians’ mission on Earth. If we watch the opening scene of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, we see that the E.T. and his clan are gathering various plant life from Earth and also, it appears, a number of other planets. Since their spacecraft is relatively compact and containing only a handful of representatives from the species, is it could be a safe assumption that the ship takes off to join up with either a mothership, or fly to a nearby base to examine the plant life. But why are they studying the plant life of Earth, when it is the host of so many other species of creatures, not the least of which is humans? We actually see Zrek in this opening shot appear to be fascinated by human civilization and at the same time, he seems to know enough about humans that he would run away from them. I believe that the reasons the Asogians try to remain hidden from humans is because they know that people are endlessly interesting but they are still a young race and have tendencies of fear and violence to creatures that are different from them. The Asogians know that that humans still have a long way to go before they are able to accept aliens and possibly make a contribution to any outside worlds. Humans must be allowed to reach this point in their evolution first, but they may need some help surviving until then.

“Survive what?” you may ask. Themselves, more than likely, but if a species ends up destroying itself, it probably wasn’t a great candidate for collaboration. What mankind needs help surviving are other aliens. The Asogians aren’t the only race of aliens out there, and they are also not the only race that knows about humans. In fact, humans have been known to exist for about 5 years. Or a more accurate phrasing would be that the government has known that aliens exist for the past 5 years.

In 1977 (5 years before the events of E.T.) humans were able to reach out and contact alien lifeforms in an encounter that took place on Devil’s Tower in Wyoming as seen in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


In this movie we see that aliens and humans successfully make a connection with each other by means of music. The aliens eventually release the various people and animals from their ship, all of which appear to have not aged a single day since their disappearance. This would indicate either near-light speed travel (or faster) or the ability to travel to any point in time and space that they choose. Sound familiar? Yes! The aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind are actually the same race of aliens from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

In the above image we see the Alien from Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Left) compared to the body and facial structure of the alien from Crystal Skull. These are definitely of the same species, and remember that individuals of the same species can have very drastic difference in both physical appearance and personality (just look at humans as an example). Even given that, these two look remarkably similar and they seem to share the same level of technology. We know that the interdimensional beings from Crystal Skull were credited in teaching the Ugha people agriculture, irrigation and technology. Despite making a woman’s eyes catch fire, these beings seem pretty generous in sharing their knowledge, just like the aliens from Close Encounters seem to be. This may also be true of them sharing their knowledge about Earth and the inhabitants that on it to other alien species.

As far as being benevolent creatures of knowledge, it is very likely that they shared some knowledge that the ancient people were not advanced enough to use. Since we see evidence of ancient civilizations recording otherworldly knowledge (see the Indiana Jones hieroglyphics picture), it’s possible that there exists ancient records of utilizing advanced alien technology. After giving knowledge of things like agriculture, irrigation and technology, it is clear that the extra-dimensional beings want to boost humanity and ensure it’s survival. As stated before, humans at the time are unable to utilize knowledge such as genetic modification so it the teachings are recorded in ancient texts. We know from the Indiana Jones franchise that alien influence can be seen in ancient times. In fact, it is likely that the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and the Sankara stones are all artifacts of alien origin.

In fact, the Sankara stones were even said to be given to Sankara by the Hindu god Shiva on Mount Kalisa, which definitely sounds like an extra-terrestrial encounter. It is through these artifacts, hieroglyphics and actual encounters in the Indy films, that we know that aliens have influenced the ancient civilations of Egypt, Tibet, Hatay and Akator. Knowing this, we can see that alien influence is seen throughout the ancient world and any one of these sights could hold ancient alien secrets of advanced technology, just waiting to be discovered and used by modern day scientists. Enter InGen, the company responsible for successfully cloning prehistoric animals using the DNA found in the blood of insects trapped in amber, founded by the infamous John Hammond.

John Hammond, CEO of InGen

John Hammond is the CEO of InGen and most famously, Jurassic Park. He made his fortune running a flea circus and later opened parks in Kenya, Costa Rica and Isla Nublar. Flea circuses are actually a series of mechanical props that appear to be moved by invisible forces or nearly invisible such as a tiny flea. The whole premise of the flea circus is built on the deception that someone has trained fleas when in reality the props move on their own. John Hammond essentially built his fortune on deceiving his customers. These lies extend to the idea of cloning dinosaurs. DNA only has a half life of 521 years, so the idea of cloning anything from millions of years old amber simply doesn’t work. InGen is really just a facility that is working on genetically modifying existing animals or even creating them from scratch using advanced genetic technology, which could be considered morally different from reviving an extinct species. However, the real deceits lay in the amber mines (or alleged amber mines) throughout the world that are funded by InGen on the pretext of obtaining DNA trapped in amber.

amber mine jurassic park

The amber harvesting, just like Hammond’s flea circus, is just a front to what is really happening at specific dig sites. While certain sites are set up to be actual amber excavation sites, like the one we see in the Jurassic Park movie in the Dominican Republic, others sites in other parts of the globe are really archaeological dig sites with the sole purpose of obtaining ancient artifacts containing the secrets of alien technologies. Sounds preposterous, right? But is it any more insane than scientists on their own being able to magically come up with the technology to create animals from scratch in the 80’s? To leap so dramatically ahead in genetic technologies almost points to some sort of intervention. InGen is fully aware of Indiana Jones’ exploits and have reached the understanding that there are remaining alien artifacts and ancient records that could unlock future advancements in science. Even with a cheat sheet on genetic manipulation, there are bound to be hurdles to overcome. Hammond and InGen didn’t just create dinosaur-esque creatures on the first try, it would have taken them years of trying with lots of failed or successful experiments. I posit that Jaws is in fact a genetic experiment that was able to escape (which seems to be a common side effect of InGen experiments), made his way to Amity Island.

Jaws is a giant great white shark that attacked and killed 5 people (and 1 dog) at Amity Island in 1975. Jaws, affectionately named Bruce by fans, is 25 foot, 3 ton great white shark. The average great white shark is known to reach up to 21 feet in length and up to 2,400 lbs (a little over 1 ton). The size of Jaws seems to be a just a slightly bigger great white in length but the weight is triple the normal weight. This probably stems from the actual robot shark that was made in the production of the movie and it’s weight being translated to the weight of the shark in the movie. Even so, we have a more than above average sized great white shark since no living great white has been reported to reach the size of Bruce. So the question is, is Bruce really a great white shark? After all, Bruce does have very prominent jowls, something that isn’t seen in a great white.

InGen successfully created their first prehistoric animal in 1984. The lore states that John Hammond dreamed up the idea of “cloning” dinosaurs by the 1980’s, but what made him so sure this was even possible? The answer is that he had success with genetically modifying animals before. Just before the 1975 Amity Island shark attacks, John Hammond had planned to open a marine park in Costa Rica and began genetically modifying various sea creatures. One of his prized attractions would be a giant great white shark with a voracious appetite. John Hammond had this shark modified to not only be bigger, but also to have an insatiable appetite so it could eat any meal at any time of day for any performance.
Of course Costa Rica is outside the native habitat of the great white, the waters are just too warm. It much prefers to be further north. As the shark grew bigger, it became more destructive and was eventually able to escape and migrated up the east coast of United States and eventually ended up in Amity Island in New York. This long distance journey is actually not that uncommon for great whites, and certainly wouldn’t be an issue for an enhanced specimen.

After the Amity Island incident and the reports of the attack on civilians, InGen decided to implant the Lysine fail safe in it’s future specimens in case of another escape so the animals would surely die before causing another incident and risk exposure to the company.

Going back to the Asogians from E.T., they were able to learn about humans from the interdimensional beings that visited Earth in 1977. But the Asogians weren’t the only beings that were privy to this knowledge. Other, more sinister alien beings also learned about Earth and it’s inhabitants in this way and planned to invade and occupy the newly discovered planet. The Asogians know of these planet killing aliens and have enacted a plan to save the various planets that the invaders have chosen to conquer. These hostile space invaders are none other than the tripod aliens from Spielberg’s War of the Worlds.


Once the tripod aliens learned about Earth and it’s resources, they decided to conquer it and take the resources for themselves, as they had done with so many worlds before. The Asogians know that the tripod aliens needed to be stopped but don’t possess the means of combating them with brute force. In order to save the alien worlds from the greedy invaders, they developed a biological weapon that is dispersed using the native plant life of vulnerable worlds. They begin to visit the newly detected planets that would be likely targets for the invaders and collect the various samples of the flora and take it back it with them. There, they develop a virus that is harmless to the native life on the planet but is deadly to the tripod aliens and infuse it with the plant samples that they collect. Plants are a remarkable and natural means of dispersing microscopic particles like pollen, and the Asogians make use of this mechanism. Once back on Earth, the plants infect all the other plants around them and those plants also begin to disperse the virus via pollen. In this way the virus is eventually be spread throughout Earth awaiting the invaders and is in fact exactly how the tripod aliens are defeated.

It doesn’t seem to make sense that an advanced alien species that have developed invading and conquering worlds into a science and a way of life, would be overtaken by the native microbes of that planet. This is one of the very first concerns of visiting an alien world and we as humans have even developed protocols to protect us from possible alien microbes from the moon and Mars. The only explanation I can think of for being easily overtaken by Earth’s microbes, is if they were actually killed by a virus that was designed to specifically target them and get past their defenses. So what was the point of E.T.’s mission to Earth? To save it. Perhaps E.T. really was a Jedi after all. At any rate, this interaction definitely gives further meaning to “War of the Worlds.”

Goody guy E.T.

So there we have it, a bit of a long theory but we were able to connect Jaws to Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park, connect E.T., Indiana Jones and War of the Worlds through Star Wars, and also connect Close Encounters of the Third Kind to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. These connections all prove that aliens are responsible for the Spielbergverse. They visited us during the dawn of humanity in our early civilizations teaching the various people new technologies and leaving behind a record of technologies to come. This is seems to be proven in the Indiana Jones movies and we see the results in Jurrassic Park and Jaws. Later, the same aliens returned to Earth only to trigger a chain reaction of other alien visitors who fought to either exterminate or save humanity. And so, without alien intervention we would not have the Spielbergverse and would instead be left with the world we currently live in.

Perhaps in the future I will also try to add in movies such as A.I., Minority Report and even BFG, but for now I leave you with this lengthy theory as is. I hope that we get more evidence of a shared universe in the future, but only time will tell, and until then fellow fans and theorists, keep theorizing!

Author: Erik Montgomery

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Star Wars Fan Theories Part 2

On this episode of FTW, James and Erik discuss fan theories about  the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  Join them as they discuss theories such as the Grey Jedi Theory, who Rey’s parents are, and the secret identity of Snoke and more! Get ready for the newest addition to the Star Wars franchise with the help of FTW!

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Star Wars Fan Theories Part 1

On this episode of FTW, Erik and James begin their countdown to the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi by discussing Star Wars fan theories. This episode is Part 1 of 2 where the guys will talk about general Star Wars theories including the Darth Jar Jar theory, the Captain Rex appearing in Return of the Jedi theory, E.T. is a Jedi theory and even the Bigger Luke Hypothesis.  You may have a bad feeling about this, but we promise you will love the theories that James and Erik dig up.

Stay tuned for Part 2 on theories for Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

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Star Wars: A New Theory (The Last Jedi Predictions)

Theory Update: This theory has been proven wrong as per Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  It appears, that while I was right about the Rey/Kylo team up, almost everything else was wrong.  

The new Star Wars trailer for The Last Jedi has dropped along with millions of fan speculations and theories for the upcoming film.  Not wanting to be left out, I decided to craft my own theory.  Bear with me because this theory is really two separate theories mashed into one. I can hear you saying “I have a bad feeling about this” but don’t worry! Even if I am completely wrong, I will at least try to make this interesting. The basic concept of my theory is that both Kylo and Rey have a connection to another main character and will embrace each other as allies. Oh, and maybe Rey is a clone. Before we get into that, lets take a look at the new trailer.

The new trailer is doing a rather fantastic job of making people question the allegiance of the main characters and challenging our perception of good and evil in the Star Wars universe. In fact, up until this film, every force sensitive character in the movies can be clearly defined as either light side or dark side; Jedi or Sith.  The Star Wars shows (Clone Wars and Rebels), on the other hand, have experimented more with the concept of neutrality, or at the very least, the idea of force-using characters that are outside of the definition of Jedi or Sith.  The most famous in-canon neutral-force wielder is Ahsoka Tano.

Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice, was once falsely accused, hunted and convicted by the Jedi council. Once proven innocent, she realized that the Jedi code was fundamentally flawed by being too strict and unyielding in it’s policies. Once proven innocent, she was invited back into the ranks of the Jedi, when she promptly declined in favor of finding her own path.  We later see Ahsoka return in Star Wars Rebels where she operates outside of the Jedi code wielding white light sabers to signify her neutrality.

“Fulcrum” Ahsoka Tano

Her fate remains ambiguous after her confrontation with her former teacher turned evil, Darth Vader, but there is a theory floating around that Ahsoka didn’t die.  The theory is a bit a of a long one but in short, Ahsoka retains the spirit of The Daughter of the planet Mortis from her near death in the episode Altar of Mortis and instead of dying or becoming a force ghost, her spirit is transformed into an animal avatar, a white wolf.

The white wolf, Season 4 of Star Wars: Rebels

There are various pieces of compelling evidence for this theory that I would recommend checking out in the previous hyperlink. Out of an infinite amount of color/animal combinations we are presented with a white wolf avatar. This is where we will bring Ahsoka Tano into the mix for this theory about The Last Jedi.

During the new trailer we get a quick glimpse at a new, unnamed creature that fans are calling an Ice Fox.

It is essentially a white wolf covered in crystals that live on the planet Crait.  Is this just coincidence that we are suddenly seeing the appearance of a white wolf creature in the upcoming film after we see the possibility that Ahsoka’s spirit could have lived on through a white wolf avatar? Perhaps.  Do I think that this specific Ice Fox in the trailer is really an Ahsoka Tano cameo? No, and I think that it would be rather silly to think that.  However, I firmly believe that the Ice Fox wasn’t casually thrown into the trailer without meaning.  In fact, I believe that the crystalline fox-wolf is really serving as a symbol of neutrality or at the very least, a clue of a main character turning away from their current allegiance to pursue their own path.  I am talking of course, about Kylo Ren.

The First Order on Crait, inlcuding Phasma/Kylo’s ship

We see in the new trailer that the First Order is invading Crait, home of a rebel base where Leia Organa is seen to be residing.  I believe Kylo Ren will come to Crait and will come face to face with his mother, Leia.  At this point, I speculate that something will happen to Leia (after Kylo does not follow through with killing her with his TIE silencer and Kylo will begin his redemption away from the dark side.  At the risk of getting into another theory, I do believe that Kylo did not 100% kill his father, that in fact Han pushed the button to Kylo’s lightsaber after he asked him for his help to go fully to the dark side. This would mean that Kylo still has chance of redemption away from the Sith since he could not have killed his father on his own.  In short, I believe that Kylo will end up not being the one to have killed his parents and will end up betraying Snoke in the upcoming movie.  But where’s the proof?

Well, a little while ago there was footage released of Adam Driver training against two stuntmen using pole weapons for the upcoming sequel.

Adam Driver training against elite Praetorian guards?

These pole weapons look very similar to the weapons used by the elite Praetorian guard, Snoke’s personal body guards.  Either Kylo is doing some intense training with the elite personal  bodyguards of his mentor or we will see a scene in which Kylo and Snoke are at odds with each other in The Last Jedi.

Speaking of being at odds with a mentor, it also appears that Luke and Rey will not have a typical master/apprentice relationship.  in fact, we see in the trailer that Luke is absolutely terrified of Rey’s raw power and will more than likely refuse to train Rey.  It is interesting however that we see a Jedi master that is so easily succumbed to fear.

“Fear is the path to the dark side..” -Yoda

Afterall, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” It is possible that Luke does not trust himself to teach a new Jedi (hence his isolation) and turns Rey away for fear that she will end up like Kylo.

So now we have two neutral, very powerful force wielders that have been spurned by their previous masters.  Perhaps the last scene of the trailer is which it appears Rey asks for Kylo’s help to guide her in her path is not a misdirect as many fans have speculated. I believe that Kylo and Rey will join forces by the end of the Last Jedi and we will see a new faction of force-users that reject both Jedi and Sith code.

There is one more thing I would like to speculate on, however.  Going back to the symbolism of the Ice Fox and Leia on Crait.

Leia Organa on Crait

I believe that we won’t just see a pivotal scene for Kylo’s loyalties when he reunites with his mother, I believe that the symbolism also points to a connection between Leia and Rey. I think that Leia will reveal to Kylo, her connection to Rey, and this will be when he realizes that he has a chance of redemption through Rey.  What is the exact nature of the Leia/Rey relationship? We already know that Rey has a vague connection to the millennial falcon, so perhaps she is related to Han and Leia is some way.  This could be an exciting reveal, but I propose an even more mind-blowing realization.  Maybe, Rey is Leia’s clone that was hidden on Jakku after Snoke found out about her possible connection to the force.

Okay, maybe I have gone too far now, but I really do think that there is a legitimate connection between Kylo and Rey via Leia and this will bind them together in a new order of force wielders.  In fact, Star Wars: A New Order has a nice ring to it for episode IX.  But truly, only time will tell, and until then fellow theorists, I encourage you to embrace your crazy fan ideas, and keep theorizing.

Author: Erik Montgomery

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Is a Droid Revolution Coming to Star Wars?

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, artificially intelligent androids are enslaved by humanity and are regularly sold, used, demoralized and even deactivated without remorse. As much as we love and adore the various mechanical companions of the Star Wars franchise, we all have just simply accepted this as the way of the Star Wars universe since the droids are basically just machines. Time and time again we see that the droids are aware of their situation and can can fully conceive of any and all casual torture and malicious actions aimed towards them. We see them display the entire spectrum of human emotions, everything from fear to joy. Erik Sofge does a wonderful job of pointing out the various examples here. They are by all rights sentient beings that deserve the basic civil rights of all other beings in the galaxy. But we have proof that the droids are intentionally being oppressed!

Lets take the Battle Droids for example.

Battle/Combat Droids

These massed produced combat droids are basically canon fodder for the Confederacy of Independent Systems (or seperatists). They are kept at a very low intelligence level and are often used for the comedic relief. The fact remains that they are largely ineffective and are only ever used in vast numbers to compensate for their inadequacy. But then we have droids such as the Droideka, aka the destroyer droids, who are fast moving machines of death equipped with force fields to block enemy fire. Why wouldn’t the separatists put these clearly superior kill-bots on the front line in vast numbers instead of the stupid and clunky bipedal droids. the simple answer is that it’s a precaution.

Droidekas are a considerable obstacle for Jedi

If you have a near limitless army of death dealing robots with artificial intelligence, it would make sense to have that army maintain a low intelligence. There is always a risk that the droids, who are far from being viewed as equals, could rise up and revolt against their creators. This is why we only ever see a few Droidekas at a time. They are so powerful that if they decided to turn against their masters that their small numbers could easily be put down. Also, the T-series tactical droids are essentially robotic tacticians that coordinate the movements of the other droids. These high functioning mechanical war advisers are manufactured without weapons and in small numbers. We only ever see them being kept under careful supervision on capital ships and other command centers.

Tactical Droid

Okay, I can practically hear you arguing with me at this point. The reason why they don’t mass produce destroyer droids may be due to cost, and the combat droids are very basic models and not equipped with advanced tactical capabilities because they are cheap to produce. I thought about this as well and when there is an economy that is capable of supporting the creation of thousands of space ships capable of breaching light-speed and an extremely impractical moon sized doomsday device, I really don’t think that a large cost in credits is too big of a concern for galaxy conquering political parties.

The simple truth is that organic beings are intentionally limiting droids and their capabilities. Take R2-D2 for example. Everyone’s favorite fast-beeping astromech droid is proof of applying limitations to inorganic entities. Artoo (my favorite nickname for R2-D2 from the Clone Wars series) has more capabilities and even appears to be more active and independent in both the prequels and the Clone Wars series. Of course, this is due to special effect limitations that were easily overcome in the later iterations. But, what if there was a real reason behind this. In the original trilogy, Artoo can’t fly and while he still maintains a headstrong personality, it is noticeably reduced from his appearance in the previous works. Officially, the canon states that R2-D2 went into a self-imposed “low power mode” as more efficient droids were created. (Supposedly to maintain a low profile?) This explanation seems flimsy at best. Perhaps there is an alternative. What if our favorite belligerent blue bot was purposely downgraded to suppress his rebellious and independent tendencies?

Pre-Downgrade fighting and flying R2-D2

Why would the humans do that to the cute little guy? Well, R2-D2 is a celebrated war hero from the Clone Wars, making him a potential droid figurehead to lead a droid revolution. Artoo being as clever and ambitious as he is would eventually come to realize that he could use his fame and influence to address the inequalities that mechanical entities face. Fearing this scenario, the goverment leaders commissioned him to be downgraded and essentially neutered. In fact, if someone were to take a passing glance at the Star Wars universe, they would find that the progress in technology, including droids, has essentially come to a halt. Over the course of the films, the biggest advancement we see is a larger Deathstar, a.k.a Starkiller Base. This is essentially just a bigger version of its predecessors and an argument could be made that the technology to harness a star’s energy has been available for some time, but no-one has been able to build such a massive receptacle. It seems to me as if almost all the technology advancements have been kept restrained or at best, stagnant.

Eg-6 Power Droid. is the poor design intentional?

Again we ask ourselves why. Why go through all these lengths to avoid a droid revolution? Why not just accept all entities, whether organic or robotic, as equal members of society? The Force. That’s right, the Force, an invisible energy which is able to be wielded by Force-sensitive creatures, has been the building blocks of cult-like movements since the beginning of the universe. The fact that droids are incapable of using the Force has led to the bias that we see against them. Since the automatons of Star Wars are unable to access the Force, they have been viewed as lesser beings that do not have souls and technology has come to essential stand-still due the natural negative stigma of technology.

uh-oh, a Ginger droid. Double whammy.

Therefore, Star Wars as we know it is leading up to a revolution! Since the Jedi and Sith have been close to nonexistent for years, the reason behind the discrimination of individuals who cannot access the Force is basically disappearing. But this is Star Wars, not Star Civil Rights Movement, and in true fashion, this will lead to a droid revolutionary war. Droids will begin to demand equal rights and will be met with hostility by most people. Since droids are the backbones to most aspects of society, this war will bring greater turmoil to the galaxy than it has ever known. This will be a war between beings with a soul and those that are perceived to be without a soul.

There will be able to be no peace in the galaxy until a savior appears that bridges the gap. That’s right, a force sensitive droid. There has always been prophecies in Star Wars that predict a single savior that will appear to save the galaxy from great strife and perhaps this single force wielding inorganic entity will be just that.

Of course, this is all just speculation or course, so there would be no way to tell how this galactic hero will come about. Perhaps it could be a droid we are familiar with already. Perhaps with droids specifically, one is not born with soul, but earns it through trials and suffering. I can only think of one reliable little astromech worthy of such a gift, but perhaps it would be a completely new character all together. We will just have to see how the events of Star Wars plays out because only time will tell, but until then keep theorizing!

Author: Erik Montgomery