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Game of Thrones Fan Theories with Moxie LaBouche

On this episode of FTW, Erik and James are joined by Moxie from the Your Brain on Facts podcast to once again discuss Game of Thrones theories in preparation for the final season! This episode is nothing but spoilers and speculation on season 8 of GoT so come prepared!

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FTW Podcast

Game of Thrones Fan Theories with Moxie LaBouche

On this episode of FTW, Erik and James are joined by Moxie LaBouche (Your Brain on Facts podcast) to discuss the many theories surrounding Game of Thrones! Join them as they discuss theories such as Jamie Lannister is the Lightbringer, who will end up killing Cersei Lannister, what Brandon Stark is really up to, and even that Varys is merman!

If you have your own Game of Thrones theory, or have a suggestion for a future episode, you can reach us at:

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FTW Podcast

Game of Thrones Fan Theories

On this episode of FTW, James and Erik peek into the special corner of the internet reserved for Game of Thrones theories.  Prepare yourselves, because insanity is coming! Join our co-hosts as they discuss theories such as R+L=J, who is the Azor Ahai, and even dragon poop!

As with all our episodes, this contains major SPOILERS in preparation for season 7 of GoT.

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Jon Snow will mind-control a dragon?

Theory update (Spoilers): Season 7 of Game of Thrones has proven this theory wrong! It seems that control of a dragon has been relinquished to the Night King and not Jon Snow. It remains to be seen what relationship Jon Snow will have with the dragons in the final season, but it is possible that his warging ability may still play into it much in the same way that this theory posits.

Game of Thrones season 7 will be premiering this July, so naturally we started rewatching and reviewing the previews seasons.  This being Fan Theory World, James and I have also started looking into a bunch of theories surrounding the show, and when I say a bunch, I mean there are more theories than there are character deaths in show.  A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF)  seriously has more theories than any other title that we have covered so far.  So naturally I am going to add one more blade of grass to the already growing Dothraki Sea of theories.  Forewarning, this one gets a little insane.

Ok so picture if you will, Drogon, Daenerys’ biggest fiercest dragon having the consciousness of one of the main characters of GoT flying into battle against a horde of ice zombies and joins forces with a united Westeros/Daenerys army led by an unlikely one-handed hero, Jaime Lannister.

That’s a lot to take in, so if you need a moments break at any time from this theory, I encourage you to check out the theory of Jaime Lannister being the Azor Ahai, which is as fantastic as it is interesting.

Jojen seeing the future

This is certainly not my theory but I find it so compelling that I had to incorporate it.  Except, I disagree with Jaime being the Azor Ahai aka the Lord of Light.  This theory perfectly explains the transformation of Jaime Lannister becoming a true hero of legend but instead of being the reborn Azor Ahai , he doesn’t wield the Lightbringer (the Lord of Light’s legendary sword that contains the soul of his wife), he is the Lightbringer.

With George R.R. Martin, prophecies and legends are tricky and aren’t meant to be literal.  So I believe that the reincarnation of Lightbringer isn’t a magical sword, but an outcast who has undergone the transformation to gain a mystical hand that can set a Valyrian blade ablaze with fiery magic. Ok, confused? Check out the link above and it will make a lot more sense, but I am modifying it just a tiny bit. Again it’s not my theory but its included in this one.

So if a Jaime is just the Lightbringer, then that means that we still need an Azor Ahai that will employ Jaime as their sword. ASOIAF has gone through an awful lot trouble to set up Jon Snow as the savior character of the show and I believe that he is indeed the Azor Ahai.

Jon Snow as Azor Ahai

I know, real original, only the entire internet has thought of this before, but there’s a twist here. Jon Snow is still on his way to becoming the prince that was promised, but first let’s look at what we already know.

Jon Snow is the offspring of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen which means that he has the blood of the dragon aka a Targaryen.  Many people speculate that this blood relation to Rhaegar will allow him to eventually ride one of Daenerys’ dragons. But its not just the Targaryen blood that is important here. Consider the Stark blood, which is also the blood of the First Men that allows him to skinchange (or warg) into Ghost. So not only does Jon Snow have some sort of connection to dragons, he can also enter into animal’s minds like his younger brother Bran. Naturally this has led to the thought that Jon Snow would be the only person to be able to overcome the turbulent mind of a Dragon in order to become one himself.  This could lead to a pretty cool scene in the upcoming season of GoT but I want to take it a couple steps further.  First, let’s take a look at wargs

Brandon Stark Skinchanging

The concept of a Warg doesn’t seem to have a huge influence in the story so far.  The biggest plot point we see with it is that Bran is able to enter the mind of Hodor.  Yet it seems to me that the ability to skinchange is being set up for a bigger role in the story.  The minor character, Orell, who is a wildling warg that is part of Mance Rayder’s army is killed by Jon Snow but his mind still resides in an eagle.


If a warg dies while he is skinchanging, his mind will transfer permanently to the animal he was inhabiting. What is the point of setting up this seemingly useless rule about Wargs?  it’s a pretty interesting aspect of wargs, but again, why bother creating this possibility when Wargs are already a minor aspect of ASOIAF?  I believe that will play a much bigger role in the upcoming events.  I bet you can see what I am thinking so far. Jon Snow will eventually end up mind controlling a dragon and end up losing his physical body so that he permanently becomes a dragon.  I know, it sounds super weird, but I have a pretty good reason, so if I haven’t lost you by now, I promise, it will be worth it (and if not, apologies).

So why would Jon Snow have any reason to enter a dragon’s mind? So far the novels have confirmed that no one has every really been able to do this because a dragon’s mind is so difficult to control.  Even if Jon has an advantage with his Targaryen blood, this would be quite a difficult feat which would require a lot of energy.  Chances are that Jon Snow will be able to ride one of Daenerys’ dragons without too much trouble considering his relation to her, so there’s no reason to try to control a dragon’s mind.  Except, there is a character that has a magical horn that is capable of doing the exact same thing!

Euron Greyjoy

Euron Greyjoy, the new king of the Iron Islands via the King’s Moot in the previous season.  In the books, he shows his worthiness of obtaining the salt throne by showing off one of his greatest treasures, the Dragonbinder.  The Dragonbinder is a sorcerous horn that, when blown, kills the user but allows another to gain control of a dragon.  Euron has stated that if he would use the Dragonbinder to control Dany’s dragons and take the Iron Throne. I believe that Euron will make good on his promise.  Season six left off with Daenerys crossing the ocean with her various armies to wage war on Westeros. Speculation suggests that Euron will lead the Drowned Men to a naval battle against the Mother of Dragons in season 7. This seems like an extremely one sided battle when the enemy has flying flamethrowers, so Euron will probably make a play to take over a dragon.  Of course, he is nothing if not ambitious and will be targeting Drogon, the largest and fiercest of the three.


Now with the most dangerous living weapon under the control of Euron, Daenerys will face an obstacle that she will won’t be able to overcome; the loss of one of her beloved dragons and the fact that it is actively trying to destroy her.  It is a pretty safe bet that Euron will have  Drogon for awhile, which would be enough time for both Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister to have teamed up with Daenerys (after having killed Cersei and reunited with Tyrion) to take down the King of the Salt Throne. More than likely, Euron will have worked his way up the East coast of Westeros after confronting Dany’s army where he will now encounter foes of the newly formed Lannister/Targaryen/Snow alliance.   Enter Jon Snow. Jon will try to take advantage of the battle try to reclaim Drogon from Euron using his Warg powers.  Since Euron leads an army that does best on the sea, it is a pretty safe bet that this will happen in a ship battle.  So here we are surrounded by sea water and burning ships.

Now the Azor Ahai prophecy states “When the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone.” So far, we have had characters kind of fit this prophecy, but I haven’t been a huge fan of any one theory since they all seem to be a bit of a stretch (as if this one isn’t).  But here, we have Jon Snow entering the mind of Drogon in a battle of salt and smoke. Incidentally, the battle is taken place on the East coast possibly close to the island of Dragonstone, which if you recall, has immense stone dragon gargoyles perched around the castle. I only mention this because maybe the magic of dragons can bring them to life in a way, fulfilling another part of the prophecy.  The bleeding red star could be considered House Martell who may join forces with Euron.

House Martell. A speared red sun(star)

It is possible that a Martell could be responsible for killing Jon Snow’s physical body while his mind is wrestling with Drogon’s. This means that he is born when a battle weary Martell kills his physical body and he gains control of the dragon’s body. Now Jon Snow is effectively reborn as the Azor Ahai in the form of a dragon!

Still with me? Good, because there is a little more!

At this point Jaime Lannister finds himself on a ship engulfed in dragon flames from the battle and it appears that he will perish in the fire. That is until dragon Jon Snow swoops down to save him effectively “drawing” Lightbringer from a fire. Remember the Lightbringer prophecy states “In this dread hour a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him.” 

Are you picturing it? Do you see in your mind’s eye Jaime Lannister with a flaming hand riding a giant black dragon with the mind of Jon Snow? It sounds absolutely insane doesn’t it? But seriously, can you imagine anything better fighting off a horde of White Walkers?I Know that I made a lot of assumptions for this theory, but more I dove into it, the more I am convinced that some version of these events will play out in the coming seasons. We also have to remember that there are a ton of character’s story arcs to wrap up as well and it we may never see all of the major players come together for a single battle. To me, this seems like a pretty great way way to end A Song of Ice and Fire, but I know there are a lot of fans of the show that are going to hate this theory.  I suppose I could continue on with this fanfic-esque theory and say that now that Jon Snow remains a dragon, Dany would end up marrying Jaime Lannister to rule the 7 kingdoms. But I think I have gotten into a enough trouble already.

If you have made it this far, thank you for staying with me on this crazy theory and let me know what your thoughts are in the comments.  At this point it is all just speculation but personally, I think we will definitely see Jon mind meld with a Dragon, but only time will tell and until then, keep theorizing!

Author: Erik Montgomery